Thursday, February 19, 2015

Plan A and Plan B

It's Coco here.

Plan A looked like this:

Z-Girl to Maryland with some furniture for Aunt Julie on Thursday (today).
Friday, New Furniture delivery to the Warehouse apartment (all part of the Warehouse Redecorating project).
Saturday and Sunday, reorganize clothes, books; polish the front room floors.

Plan B looks like this:

Z-Girl is not going to Maryland today. The extreme weather coupled with other factors delayed the trip.
The New Furniture delivery originally scheduled for (tomorrow) Friday is postponed to Tuesday.
Saturday and Sunday, some sort of reorganizing will take place. Not really sure what or how, but Z-Girl is making piles all over the place.

And...I don't want to tell her, but Valentina is going to the VET on Monday. Yup. She's going back to the specialist to have her EGC evaluated and also determine if she will be scheduled for the the big, bad allergy testing. Z-Girl is trying to keep this under wraps so by all means, don't let on that you know anything.

The Big Red Chair will depart when Z-Girl reschedules the furniture haul to Maryland. I'll be upset, but that's Valentina's favorite perch. She will be down right mad.

Still with her baby blue eyes, Valentina in mid 2009 amidst the pink tulle on the Big Red Chair.

You just can't have a Plan A. There must always be a Plan B in place.

We will continue to enjoy the current furniture arrangement until the Plan B disruption on Tuesday. Methinks that Z-Girl may want to craft a Plan C.

Z-Girl thinks she is so funny catching Manhattan trying to snuggle near me when I curled up on the Big Red Chair. Everything is nice and messy here. Must have been a sheet changing day...November 2014

That is all.
Coco, over and out.


  1. We agree ... Plan A never really seems to work out. We hope that PLan B (or Plan C, if it comes to that) works out in the best way possible.

    And we're purring and praying about Valentina's little trip on Monday (but don't worry ... we won't tell).


  2. Plan B's are a good idea to have. We hope all goes well with Valentina.
    Lola and Lexy


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