Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday is for Whiskers

Hey everyone, it's Valentina and it's Wordless Wednesday.
I decided to share a photo of my whiskers and pawtitude. I know, it's really adorable, right?

That's all for now!

Over and out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Tuxedo Toosday with News about PAD Paws

Hi everyone, it's Manhattan.

This is me, hanging out on my shelves before the couch was recovered.

VALENTINA: I'm here, too!

MANHATTAN: Yes, Vali, too. It is Two For Toosday after all.

VALENTINA: We want to share some news with everyone.

Valentina on her Kitty Pod and close to one of her favorite things to chew: Z-Girl's power cord.

MANHATTAN: PAD Paws, the neighborhood rescue group that Aunt Natalie and Z-Girl started a few years ago is now officially a non-profit! 

VALENTINA: Yes! That means they have those numbers and letters. The 501c3 stuff. Aunt Nat spent time filling out many pieces of paper to get them!

MANHATTAN: For Aunt Nat and Z-Girl and some other friends in Jersey City this means that the efforts to rescue and re-home kitties can gain more support.

VALENTINA: Like sponsoring fundraiser events. And collaborating with other people who have those numbers, the 501c3 things. They can put their efforts together to do more and save more lives. 

MANHATTAN: There's lots of planning that has to take place before we can share more, but we can alert our followers to this big step forward. 

VALENTINA: Every day we see and hear about cases and causes that require caring intervention. As you all know, Nat and Z-Girl have joined forces over the past 5 years to rescue and rehome over 30 kitties in our neighborhood alone. And there's been kitties in other towns that Aunt Nat has helped along the way. Manhattan is the first rescue that Aunt Nat and Z-Girl did together. 

MANHATTAN: I'm so happy they did, even though I was frightened and didn't want to go into that cage. The vets said I would not have lasted more than three days if left unattended.

Recovering after two surgeries, February 2010. Z-Girl gave me a Piglet and a tee shirt to snuggle while I was at the vet's office. 

VALENTINA: We will announce a new website and Facebook page for PAD Paws soon. You can follow the Squeedunk Cats on Facebook and Twitter. Z-Girl has an Instagram account and we are usually featured there more than any other subjects. 

MANHATTAN: We've met a lot of wonderful kitties and humans via our social media accounts. Looking forward to expanding our network of friends and our followers! Will you help us?

What is your favorite rescue story? We'd love to hear from you!

Read about Manhattan's rescue here, and go to our Rescue Me tab to see some of the rescues PAD Paws has accomplished to date! 

This is Manhattan, over and OUT.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Selfies: Squeedunk's Feral friend, Johnny the Calico

Hi everyone, Lulu here.

We decided to share a selfie of one of the PAD Paws kitties. Her name is Johnny 2.

Johnny 2 is named for another beautiful Calico that belonged to our Uncle Phil. 

Z-Girl has some news to share about PAD Paws and also about the Squeedunk Warehouse apartment (hint: The Big Red Chair is MISSING). Stay tuned. We promise not to take a month to post again.

For now, I'm going to enjoy an easy Sunday. Maybe climb a cat shelf or soak up some sun.

Lulu, out...

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