Saturday, August 8, 2015

7th Heaven and Caturday

Happy World Cat Day!
Happy Caturday!

And above all, Happy 7th Birthday to my beautiful, sweet, precocious, and playful Coco Chanel!

I had no idea on August 8, 2008 that I was in for an e-mail that would change my life. An urgent plea to adopt a little tabby kitten who had been returned after only one night with her first adoptive hu-mom (she was allergic). Coco spent the next 7 days in a cage at a vet's office while her rescuer searched for a willing heart to provide a happy home. I saw her little white paws and gorgeous coat and just couldn't say no...

The money shot. Coco, August 2008.

We hope all our furiends have a fabulous day today! We'll be celebrating with rounds of naps while nestled in sun puddles.

This is Z-Girl, out.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings: Lulu's Paws for PAD Paws

Hi everybody! It's Lulu. Can you tell from my white paws?

This is me on one of my cat shelves. Z-Girl puts a ribbon on one level and I typically pull it down. It's a game we play.

Did you know that 4 years ago my mama Bessie and I were rescued from the streets here in the PAD of Jersey City? Not long after our Great Capture we came to stay with Z-Girl. She was going to foster us but we fell in love with her and she with us so we stayed.

 This is the hole where we lived before our Great Rescue in July of 2011.

This is Mama Bessie (right), with me and my brother the Captain (he lives in a wonderful home elsewhere) after our 26 hour rescue mission. 

Now, Aunt Natalie, Miss Denise and Z-Girl have transformed their rescue team into a non profit called PAD Paws. Their goal is to be a positive solution to the feral cat population in our area and support the same missions across the US, and even the world. Maybe this sounds like a dream. All change starts with a lofty vision. This is just the beginning, furiends.

What's Happening Today @ PAD Paws?

For adoption: 3 kittens who have been fixed, vetted and socialized. Meet Adrian Brody, Anjelica Huston and Audrey Hepburn. They are just over 5 months and almost as cute as I was as a tot. Playful, sweet and ready for furever homes.

Adrian Brody (male, healthy, neutered)
Anjelica Huston (female, spayed, healthy)
Audrey Hepburn (female, spayed, healthy)
They too were born on the streets of the PAD. There are also 4 adult cats who need loving homes. As a former Jersey City street kitty, my mama Bessie wants me to tell you that all cats deserve the same spoils that have been granted to us: safety, softness and full bellies.

To learn more about PAD Paw adoptable cats please visit:
PAD Paws Adoptables

If you are unable to adopt at this time donations to help support current and upcoming rescue missions are greatly appreciated.

PAD Paws will have exciting news to share about the progress made by forging partnerships with other local rescue teams and open discussions with the officials in Jersey City.

Thank mew for reading our blog and your continued support.
Lulu, out.

Z-Girl adds: Our readers and our fellow pet bloggers provide much inspiration to our rescue and rehoming efforts. Together we can change the world!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Selfie: My First Ever

Hi everyone, it's Valentina.

For this week's Sunday Selfie, I'm sharing my debut photo from May of 2009:

Me with my baby blues. Adorable, right?

On a day like today, the Squeedunk gang are playing and napping in the sunshine. It's been hot here in the New York area (we are just a few blocks from the Hudson River), so we've been working on our hydration and looking for cool spots in the warehouse apartment. Fear not, Z-Girl does keep the AC running for us too.

A typical lazy day for me, snuggling with Z-Girl in the early morning hours.

We are participating in a blog hop hosted by our furiends at The Cat on My Head. Hop on over to see more photos of our blogging buddies!

Have an easy Sunday everyone! Remember, Adopt Don't Shop!

Valentina, out!