Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Selfie and The Squeedunk Cats Update

It's Manhattan. And this is Sunday Selfie day, so I'm submitting my photo for today's blog hop:

Me on the shabby chic white shelves.

Z-Girl said I can give some updates on things in the Warehouse apartment:

Maybe you know, maybe you don't but we have been in a battle with cloth moths for a number of months. Our building is over 100 years old, and we love living here. Once we realized that we had a moth problem we had to get to work quickly. That meant removing two beloved flokati rugs and throwing them out. So Bessie and Lulu lost their cozy spot under the bed and Valentina lost her front room rug for lounging. Z-Girl also had to send three other wool rugs out for cleaning and moth proofing. She emptied closets and cleaned and sprayed peppermint oil and sent all wool to the dry cleaners.

These moths reportedly only respond to a toxic spray that has to be applied when no felines or humans (other than the one with a gas mask) are present. In August, Z-Girl made a plan and crated Coco, Valentina and me and brought us to an empty apartment. Bessie and Lulu are a different story though cuz they don't allow anyone to pick them up. Long story short, all human efforts to crate and remove them for the scheduled spray appointment failed. Maybe Z-Girl can tell you more about that day later because there were some successes and a few lessons learned.  

Fast forward to a few days ago. She called Dr. Santiago, who is the really nice Dr. that spayed Bessie and cared for her, Lulu and the Captain (Lulu's brother) when they were first rescued. The Good Dr. came with a net and was able to catch both Bessie and Lulu! They made him run all over the apartment. He said he didn't have to go to the gym that day because he got a good workout catching them. It was a little scary cuz I hide under the bed with them and I thought he was gonna try to catch me with that black net thing. Phew! I stayed behind. 

Bessie and Lulu have had their teeth and ears cleaned, nails trimmed and had full exams. They are still at the hospital, just for safe keeping until the Bug Doctor treats the apartment tomorrow.

And that means Coco, Valentina and I have to be transported to an office space and camp out with Z-Girl during the spraying. We will be emptying closets and covering fabric furniture all day today. Okay, Z-Girl will be doing that and we will be napping. It is Sunday.

We don't believe in wishing days away, but Z-Girl says she is looking forward to tomorrow evening, when all 5 Squeedunk kitties are in the apartment safe and sound. 

Whatever your Sunday and upcoming week has in store, we hope it's easy and successful.

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Manhattan, out.

PS I will not go willingly into a crate tomorrow. I may be small, but I'm scrappy. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Selfies: Waiting for the Purple Rug

Hey Everyone, It's Valentina.

It's Sunday, and we have not been participating in Sunday Selfies lately. But we are today.

Here I am with my patented flippy paw stretch. Notice that I'm on a rug pad instead of my nice purple wool rug. That's cuz it's been at the cleaner place for a few weeks. We'll explain more later.

This is me showing off my flippy paw stretch.

Even without my favorite spot, I've had a nice and easy weekend sunning myself in the Warehouse apartment.

We hope that you enjoyed yours! 

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Valentina, over and out.