Saturday, October 10, 2015

CATurday in the Warehouse apartment

Hi Everyone, it's Lulu

It's Caturday and I haven't blogged lately, so I thought I'd post today so you can hear things from my point of view.

Last you heard mama Bessie and I were at the vet. Z-Girl had us stay for three nights and we didn't like that very much. We were in separate cages and there were dogs and other cats that came in and out all day. No velvet, no soft bed. No pets and no treats. Sure--we were safe. And we had our teeth cleaned and nails clipped. But it was no spa.

Z-Girl brought us home after the Bug Dr. (yes, that's the name of the company) left and we hid for about 4 hours as she put the apartment back together. So much plastic everywhere to protect furniture and clothing! Once her bed was made again we were happy and that night we woke her up almost every hour for re-assuring pets. We purred and let her know we were grateful to be back in our sanctuary. Together.

Thankfully the moth spraying is in the rearview mirror. The final chapter is the return of our beloved purple rug and another newer rug. They've been out for cleaning for over two months. Z-Girl said she had to get a person with letters after his name to write a stern email and place a call to the rug cleaning people because she's gotten something called the run around (that sounds like fun to me--especially if the laser dot is involved).  We'll let you know what happens.

Now for an exciting progress update: installation of cat shelves above Z-Girl's desk. You may know there are plans to connect all the shelves in a cat super-highway. This is the beginning of that project:

This is me on the window looking at a new shelf. 

Manhattan is the catification pioneer so I let her test everything before I try it myself. The installation is clean looking and there is even a box for us to climb in to perch while Z-Girl works. She put Valentina inside the box and as you can see Vali was not very happy:

 Valentina in the box above Z-Girl's desk. Not loving her location...

 Manhattan makes the maiden voyage...

Conquers the top of the installation...

And contemplates the jump to the pipes from the shelves. Oh boy.

I watched Manhattan and chirped because it looks like a lot of fun. No one knows but I tried one shelf in the dark hours Thursday. I am a night warrior so I do my best work when Z-Girl is asleep. I fit on the smaller shelf and now I am mapping out my journey to the top. 

Me with my ninja carrot. It doubles as a mobile device.

I think I'll end here and let someone else give you the updates on the JCAST (Jersey City Artist Studio Tour) and PAD Paws progress. 
It is Caturday, after all. There's sun puddles and naps to chase. Peace to our friends. Thanks for all of your encouraging words on Facebook and Instagram and here on our blog during our moth saga. We hope that you will enjoy our return to normalcy.

Whatever *that* really means...

Lulu, out.


  1. Whew.... so glad life is slowly getting back to something that resembles normalcy... whatever that means, indeed! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

  2. Hi Lulu! *paw wave* Great to hear from you! We're glad the moth thingy is all taken care of and you're safe at home. Your shelves look like so much fun! We're trying to convince Mommy to take down pictures and put shelves up for us.

  3. Wow, when those shelves are installed, it's gonna be pawsome at your house!

  4. Well, thank COD things are getting back to normal for you all, sweet pals. Especially the moth spraying stuff!

    Those shelves are the bomb. And when that superhighway gets up and running ... WOOHOO!


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