Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Selfie with Mimi the Foster Kitty

BESSIE: Hi everyone, this is Bessie.
This is me, in a rare appearance on the purple rug. I'm working on how to blend in with Coco, Valentina and Manhattan so I too can hang out in the living room space.

It's Easy Sunday for all of us in the cat blogosphere, and we are taking full advantage of that.

Z-girl asked me to introduce our foster kitty, Mimi. She's looking for a furever home and we hope that by sharing her story we can find the right cat guardian to come forward.

Mimi was in a high kill shelter in NYC. We hate that kitties who go there have a nearly certain death sentence but it's a fact. So when Z-girl saw that at 7 years old she was listed as a SENIOR, she knew that she didn't stand a chance. At the very last minute, Z-girl had her pulled and she's been here in the Warehouse apartment ever since.

Here's what all of us Squeedunk cats can tell you about Mimi:
* She is a healthy and spayed 8 year old girl (she's had a birthday since she came to live with us)
* Loves to play so much that she will take over a game of laser dot and chase anything that Z-girl throws
* Enjoys our cat shelves--she climbed all the way to the top shelf AND THEN jumped on to the pipes that run the width of the apartment; we were all mesmerized!
* Mimi is quite social and chatty, but not loud at all; she is just talkative when she comes to sit on Z-girl's lap, or around dinner time
* She gets along well with other cats, but likely would be happier in a home with one or two cats instead of 5 because she does enjoy being pet, scratched and sitting with her guardian

Here is Mimi, with her banana catnip toy. She has a white belly and paws, and a nice tabby coat.

Please spread the word that Mimi wants to find a home. 
This is a blog-hop! Please visit all of our friends at The Cat on My Head for more Sunday Selfies!

This is Bessie, out!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

In 7th Heaven with Valentina...

Valentina: Today is my 7th Gotcha Day. This is me, with my baby blues and kitten-tude, posing for my debut photo. I was adorable, I know.

This is one of the photos that was sent to Z-girl, informing her that I was coming to live at the Warehouse Apartment. The people who rescued my litter didn't ask her. They just said that I suited her personality and that was that. She said she wasn't sure if she wanted me. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Z-girl had adopted Coco in September. When I was born in April the rescuer contacted Z-girl and said it was clear I belonged in her apartment together with Coco (who is my half sister). Her heart melted when she first saw my baby pictures and then of course when she met me, that sealed the deal. I fell in love with her right away and she with me.

That's me playing under the tulle over the red chair. It's gone now and much of our tulle has been reduced but there's enough to keep us happy. 

That's me with one of my siblings, right before we were ushered to our adoptive families. Z-girl says I was the cutest of the whole bunch. I think she's right...

Suffice it to say, I would have lived as an outdoor kitty if the kind rescuer had not helped me find a furever home. Same for my siblings--we were all placed with good cat guardians. We sure hope other humans will make room in their homes and hearts for animals in need. Z-girl tries to help rehome cats in need--from kittens to adult or even senior kitties--with the right adoptive family for each situation. Spread the word! Together, we can change the world!

Hoping you enjoy your Caturday. It's special for us here in the Warehouse apartment, and even more special now that we are blogging again!

Valentina, out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Celebrating 10 years of rescue in the PAD!

For our readers who are local, please join us tonight to celebrate 10 years of rescue in the Powerhouse Arts District (PAD).

We will be at Departed Soles @150 Bay Street, downtown from 6:30-9P. Great craft beer (award winning!) along with like minded animal lovers and some goodies for sale!

Can't make it but want to support us? Please consider adopting, fostering or donating!

And remember: Manhattan, Bessie and Lulu are ALL successful PAD PAWS rescues!

Manattan (top), after her life-saving surgery and Bessie (mama cat) along with the Captain (now living in the NJ suburbs) and Lulu--her two surviving kittens.

Thank you for your support!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Selfie with Bessie

Hi everyone,
It's Bessie.
Did you know that of all the Squeedunk cats, I'm the only one who is a mom?

That's right. Lulu is my daughter.

So it was fitting that at 4am today I was the first one to offer my Happy Mother's Day wishes to Z-girl, don't you think?

We are wishing all the mothers of the world a happy day. Whether you are a biological mom, a foster mom, an adoptive mom, or a motherly figure to a loving being. All moms in the animal kingdom: thank you for all you do.

Z-girl asked me to share this photo; not a selfie, but a beautiful memory:

Z-girl with her mama, Mary Lou, sometime in 1965.

We are participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Join the fun and see many of our friends at The Cat on my Head! 

This is Bessie, over and out!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Time to break the silence

Hi everyone, Valentina here.

We've been quiet for a long time. Z-girl wants me to tell you we are all doing well, and really hope you'll follow as we resume posting to our blog.

In upcoming posts we'll share with you the latest catification improvements and some important updates from PAD PAWS. Of course you'll be privy to our day to day antics.

For those of you who were reading us regularly, we are truly sorry we went AWOL. We love to be a part of the cat blogosphere!

 Valentina, over and out.