Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Selfie with Mimi the Foster Kitty

BESSIE: Hi everyone, this is Bessie.
This is me, in a rare appearance on the purple rug. I'm working on how to blend in with Coco, Valentina and Manhattan so I too can hang out in the living room space.

It's Easy Sunday for all of us in the cat blogosphere, and we are taking full advantage of that.

Z-girl asked me to introduce our foster kitty, Mimi. She's looking for a furever home and we hope that by sharing her story we can find the right cat guardian to come forward.

Mimi was in a high kill shelter in NYC. We hate that kitties who go there have a nearly certain death sentence but it's a fact. So when Z-girl saw that at 7 years old she was listed as a SENIOR, she knew that she didn't stand a chance. At the very last minute, Z-girl had her pulled and she's been here in the Warehouse apartment ever since.

Here's what all of us Squeedunk cats can tell you about Mimi:
* She is a healthy and spayed 8 year old girl (she's had a birthday since she came to live with us)
* Loves to play so much that she will take over a game of laser dot and chase anything that Z-girl throws
* Enjoys our cat shelves--she climbed all the way to the top shelf AND THEN jumped on to the pipes that run the width of the apartment; we were all mesmerized!
* Mimi is quite social and chatty, but not loud at all; she is just talkative when she comes to sit on Z-girl's lap, or around dinner time
* She gets along well with other cats, but likely would be happier in a home with one or two cats instead of 5 because she does enjoy being pet, scratched and sitting with her guardian

Here is Mimi, with her banana catnip toy. She has a white belly and paws, and a nice tabby coat.

Please spread the word that Mimi wants to find a home. 
This is a blog-hop! Please visit all of our friends at The Cat on My Head for more Sunday Selfies!

This is Bessie, out!


  1. Mimi is very cute. We purr she finds a furever home soon.

    1. Thank you, Mimi is cute. She deserves a really nice home. Z-girl says she will miss her but does really want to place her soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing about Mimi, Bessie! She sounds like an amazing kitty, and we are glad Z-Girl got her out of the high-kill place. Paws crossed for a forever home real soon!

    1. Thanks Mr. Kevin! Those high kill places are so sad. Mimi was such a good girl while there and then a bit traumatized when she first arrived here. She was so happy to run and climb on things. She loves to play and craves attention. Z-girl says it must have been very sad when her family just left her in that awful place. So, we want to place Mimi and continue to help those looking for the right family!

  3. Many blessings to your wonderful mom for saving that precious baby's life. It makes me sick to think of so many beautiful kitties dying in shelters every single day.

  4. It is really, really sad to think of, isn't it? Poor Mimi, her family just gave her up with the reason "moving". Z-girl says she doesn't believe it. She believes that they grew tired of her because she likes attention and she does things like climb and run around. She's super playful and was so happy to roam free when she arrived here at the Warehouse apartment. Z-girl loves when kitties have the zoomies and as you know has catified our space so we can climb on perches that are just for us. So, Mimi is happy here--Z-girl will keep her until the right human comes along.


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