Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday with Manhattan, the Carrot and the Pepper

Manhattan: Hey everybody. I'm here on Z-girl's bed, hanging out with the catnip carrot. I love the catnip carrot.

Okay, so I *also* love the catnip chili pepper. 

Today is Monday. It's a beautiful day outside so the sunshine is streaming through our warehouse windows, and we kitties have been randomly chasing various toys all morning. Z-girl is preparing to leave us on Wednesday to attend her very first BlogPaws Conference in Arizona. That means the packing frenzy is starting.

This conference is exciting for all of us in the Warehouse apartment for a few reasons:

* Z-girl is hungry to learn more about blogging. She knows that she will be schooled in a lot of topics that will advance her knowledge. We kitties hope this translates to visiting with our readers more frequently than we have during the course of the past 6 months!

* We have heard through the Catnip Vine that there is something called a Swag Bag that each blogger receives when they attend the conference. And we've heard that there should be MORE swag for us kitties than for Z-girl. If she has to leave us the very least she can do is come back with some goodies! 

* Meeting like minded people is something that Z-girl has touted as the most special part of attending BlogPaws. She is especially excited to meet Glogirly's Debbie Glovatsky, who offered a free BlogPaws conference pass a few weeks ago that Z-girl was able to claim! Within a few short hours, the flight was booked and plans were set. In addition, Z-girl will see Deb Barnes from Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles and Dawn White from Lola the Rescued Cat. She met both of them briefly last year, and is thrilled to have the chance to see them again while immersed in an environment that cultivates creativity.

* Promoting PAD PAWS as well as our blog is an important mission. All of us are seeking new pathways to connect our blog and the ongoing efforts of the non-profit Z-girl helped found, expanding our reach to help cats, dogs and other animals in need. 

What isn't so exciting is her departure. We have grown accustomed to being together since Z-girl has had a lot of contracts over the past three years where she works from home more than in an office. So much so that Valentina sits in a chair next to Z-girl at her desk. 
Vali is not happy with the conference call topic du jour.

There will be photos posted to Instagram during the conference. Do you follow us there? Z-girl has her own account and *finally* established one for us a few months back. You can follow her @lzaccardi AND follow us @squeedunkcats. Also, you can follow PAD PAWS @padpawsrescue.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone. Today is full of possibilities!

Manhattan, out.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caturday reflections with Lulu

Lulu: Hey there everyone!

It's Caturday, and I am having a great day now that Z-girl is back from a few days away.

Our hiatus from October til May kept us from sharing some of our news. You saw on our Sunday Selfie post that a foster girl named Mimi came to live with us. We hope she finds a furever home soon. She's a nice cat who just wants a human to love.

One of the most exciting things in MY opinion is the completion of the cat walk over the bed!!

I'm the only Squeedunk cat who has tried it out. I *love* it!!!

AND I would do it more if Z-girl would put a step down shelf for me by her wardrobe (she promises this is next...)

I can't see how to get up to the shelves from here, but I can get back down to the armoire when I'm on the cat results in a nice, loud thud!

We hope all of our furiends have a great Caturday!

Lulu, out!