Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's All Greek to Me...

Lulu: Hey every-pawty! It's Wordless Wednesday. So I'll keep this short and sweet.

Today, Z-girl brought out the suitcase.

I don't like it when I see luggage. It means Z-girl is leaving.

She is going away to celebrate with our Aunt Natalie in Greece. Aunt Natalie has a big birthday. Z-girl had one last year and so these two think they need to leave the PAD and celebrate on an island with other cats. And the ridiculously blue waters of the Aegean Sea. And Greek cats. (Do they understand English?)

 Santorini, Greece. Photo from

We have great company here in the Warehouse Apartment. A pet sitter and then some of our friends from the building check on us and make sure everything's running smoothly. 

My view of the PAD isn't as spectacular as what she will experience, but honestly I am happy to be inside and we will all snuggle in our normal comfy spots until she returns.

Until then, we won't be visiting any blogs. We have one post planned for July 15, so I ask you to stop by then!  We hope our furiends will understand and look forward to getting caught up with everyone when Z-girl is back.

Be advised that the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) will be inspecting her luggage for any signs of Greek kitties....I'll provide a full report. Stay tuned.

This is Lulu, over and out!

Friday, July 1, 2016

BlogPaws Re-cap from the Warehouse Apartment

Coco: Hi everyone.

If you are a pet blogger you may know that Z-girl attended the BlogPaws Conference in Chandler, Arizona from June 23-25.

We survived while she was away. Well, there was one little kerfuffle that we kept under wraps until Z-girl returned. Manhattan mysteriously escaped from the apartment. No details have been disclosed at this time, but what we know thus far is that Jerome, our building Superintendent, saw The Divine Miss M (the tuxedo, not the singing sensation) sitting outside our door and used his key to let her back inside. Our cat sitter was *shocked and amazed* that Manhattan is such a deft escape artist.

She's known for her shelf climbing. Who knew she also will go out-through-the- in door? 

Meanwhile, Z-girl was hanging out with cat bloggers and spending time gazing at nifty items in the Cat Style Lounge. She even attended a Yappy Hour on Thursday evening and a Happy Meowr on Friday. 

Was there catnip at Happy Meowr?

And then she was able to sit with the cat bloggers and shake, shake, shake the pink tambourine from Glogirly during the coveted Nose-to-Nose Awards on Saturday evening. Many of our furriends were nominated for awards, so it was extra-special for her to be there to support the wins and even the losses. A blogger may not have left with an award in their suitcase, but each nominee is wonderful and their blog, special post, photo or video is captivating-- in our humble opinion. Z-girl shared all the highlights and we are so proud of everyone. We are tickled that our friend Glogirly won for Best Humor Blog! We laugh our fluff off whenever we read the antics of Katie and Waffles. 

Hey Glogirly! Next year, could you please add feathers to this thing? Purrs, Valentina

Above all, Z-girl tells us that meeting like-minded people was the best part of the whole experience. She's been talking nonstop about the humans behind the blogs, and the pets they love. We think she made a bunch of new furiends and we are really happy about that. Especially if they always send her home with bags of swag like she was toting after this trip!

In closing, I'll share one more fun photo: Z-girl with Kate Benjamin, of Hauspanther

Kate is a catification expert and we've all watched her on My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy. We studied their first book when the catification was under design in the apartment. So it was a true pleasure for Z-girl to spend time in the Cat Style Lounge, and a great surprise to win an item for us girls! We are patiently awaiting the UPS delivery so we can show you something new! Some of the items we live with and love are featured on her website already. That's cuz we are a group of super-cool cats.

That's a wrap! This is Coco, over and OUT.