Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's All Greek to Me...

Lulu: Hey every-pawty! It's Wordless Wednesday. So I'll keep this short and sweet.

Today, Z-girl brought out the suitcase.

I don't like it when I see luggage. It means Z-girl is leaving.

She is going away to celebrate with our Aunt Natalie in Greece. Aunt Natalie has a big birthday. Z-girl had one last year and so these two think they need to leave the PAD and celebrate on an island with other cats. And the ridiculously blue waters of the Aegean Sea. And Greek cats. (Do they understand English?)

 Santorini, Greece. Photo from

We have great company here in the Warehouse Apartment. A pet sitter and then some of our friends from the building check on us and make sure everything's running smoothly. 

My view of the PAD isn't as spectacular as what she will experience, but honestly I am happy to be inside and we will all snuggle in our normal comfy spots until she returns.

Until then, we won't be visiting any blogs. We have one post planned for July 15, so I ask you to stop by then!  We hope our furiends will understand and look forward to getting caught up with everyone when Z-girl is back.

Be advised that the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) will be inspecting her luggage for any signs of Greek kitties....I'll provide a full report. Stay tuned.

This is Lulu, over and out!


  1. We hope Z-girl has a great time! We're busy typing, typing, typing for the 15th!

    1. Thank you! Z-girl had a really super time and is just NOW deciding to pay attention to our blog. Can we fire her?

  2. We sure hope Z-girl and Aunt Nat have a great time in Greece! Hugs!

  3. You are such a gorgeous kitty Lulu, I bet Z-girl won't see anything better in Greece. And when she gets home, they'll be lots of snuggles and treats (and hopefully no Greek cats ... do you think they know American cat? Or does HISSSSSSS translate into every language?).

  4. Ohhhh my Mom is OBSESSED with Greece! She wants to go with your Mom!!!! My Mom minored in Philosophy and majored in Rhetoric......Greece is on her bucket list! Please take her with you! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. We hope Z-girl has a great time! But we hope she doesn't cozy up to those Greek kitties too much.

  6. I hope your Mom has fun. Maybe you will allow her to take photos of Greek cats- I hear they are everywhere.

  7. Oh my, the FBI will definitely have to report back on any Greek findings!


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