Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

It's a bittersweet offer, to take part in today's blog hop: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2016.

On the positive side, it's special to have a place and a date to share stories about those we've loved and lost. Z-girl gets tears in her eyes when she thinks about the process of losing her beloved kitties over the years. For most of her life she's had at least 1 cat living with her so as you can imagine that means this could be a lengthy post.

We at Squeedunk decided to honor a sweet kitty rescued early in 2016 from the PAD (Powerhouse Arts District). His name was Norman, and he was nearly starved when he was found during normal feeding rounds by PAD PAWS trapper/rescuer/fairy cat-mother extraordinaire, Natalie.
Norman after his rescue, he was undernourished and frail.

We were uncertain if Norman would make it through his first night, much less at all. January's cold and his fragile state were surely a lethal combination for this boy who appeared out of nowhere. This is the confounding world of rescue: PAD PAWS were scheduled to trap a stable colony of four, but diverted those plans when he was discovered. We needed to usher this unknown cat to safety--clearly he urgently required help.

What a gentle soul--always happy for a soft place to sleep, and consistent offering of food and love he received from us and an angel of a foster mama (thank you, Gina). Norman had a multitude of health issues with complex diagnoses requiring frequent veterinary intervention. Yet he seemed to understand that everything was designed to help him recover so he could live out his life in a loving adoptive home. We marveled at his rebounds and sent lots of purrs when he was up against another health problem.

And then one day in May--after things seemed to be going so well for this tabby boy--he had what we believe was a stroke (or stroke-like event) and he was unable to recover. He died peacefully in his foster home, and his entire support system was profoundly saddened by this unforeseen turn of events.

Who knows what traits we could have shared with you about his personality if he had lived longer. Was he a mighty hunter of wand toys? Would he have enjoyed smelling Thanksgiving Dinner cooking and waited patiently for his turkey portion? So many questions unanswered, especially--why was he on the streets in the first place and how did he survive as long as he did?

To properly remember him we'd like you to know he had a sweet disposition coupled with a strong determination to live. He was so loved by his foster mom Gina--that she retains his ashes. Her daughter made greeting cards with  a picture of 3 of the 4 PAD PAWS kitties who were set to be rescued the night Norman was found in their feeding area. She thoughtfully dedicated the design in Norman's memory, kindly noted on the back of each card.

Five months may not be a long time to have known love and kindness but we believe that in his passing, Norman released into the universe the goodness bestowed upon him and that has returned into humanity to support and inspire others. Just like we know the memory of this tenderhearted kitty, who lived each day we knew him with such gratitude, motivates us to continue our mission to rescue and rehome. This post is for Norman, and other outdoor kitties who were too sick or unable to survive the ravages of living in the elements before we were able to intercede. Maybe you had a home, maybe you never did. You are not forgotten, dear ones. We remember you. And on occasion we can still see you in the shadows, waiting for your meal service. We'll meet you--beyond this plane, in a space that knows only love. Until then, our angels, continue to shepherd those who departed the Earth alone.

Norman enjoying a snuggly bed and the spoils of a wonderful foster family.

Z-girl would also like to say she remembers and will see again: Maggie, Jiggs, Pyewacket, Jezebel, Puffin, Punkin, Chaucer, Aristotle and Duffy. Purrs and eternal love, my babies.

This is a Blog Hop. Click to read more stories from our blogging friends, and to find out how you can join in and make sure a beloved pet from your life is remembered.


  1. What a beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing him with us. The value of every single cat is a subject close to my own heart. When Bear and I met, he was homeless and probably would've been seen as a nuisance. But in the past 10 years of saving my life every day, his value - the potential - the love he has to give - shows that every cat that doesn't have a loving home ... every soul ... every life is lost to the world forever. Bear's changed everything for me - so saying his life doesn't matter is like saying MY life doesn't matter.

  2. Norman's story is indeed bittersweet. Thank you, friends, for loving him so. The five months he had with you were filled with a lifetime of love and care, and that is a beautiful thing.

    And purrs to Z-Girl as she remembers her beloved Maggie, Jiggs, Pyewacket, Jezebel, Puffin, Punkin, Chaucer, Aristotle and Duffy. Yes, she will see them again one day, and it will be wonderful.


  3. I'm glad that Norman was able to know love and warmth in his final few months with Gina and the PAD PAWS crew.

  4. We too are glad that Norman had 5 months of happiness. Purrs....

  5. Such a sad story about sad. (((hugs))) as you remember those who have come before catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Poor Norman, I wish you had more time to love him.


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