Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Few Photos of Our Catification

Hi Everyone!

It's me, Manhattan and I'm here on a Caturday to share with you some beautiful photos of the Warehouse apartment, and our catification!

We've talked so much about this project over the last few years. It took awhile because some things were custom made for us. Other things just took longer than we hoped, but it doesn't matter cuz now it's done!

I hid during the photo shoot, which is sad to Z-girl because I scale these shelves often. Wendy Ploger took all of the photos on our page today (except the last one), and we want to thank her for her time and her talent.

Here is Valentina. You can't see any of the catification, but doesn't she look beautiful on the bench? Photo by Wendy Ploger.
Coco roared for the camera. Actually, she was yawning but she is fierce! Photo by Wendy Ploger.

Here's the desk. We love climbing above it and using these steps to go between the windows. It's fun when there is more than one of us perched here, too! Photo by Wendy Ploger.

This gives you a nice view of the installation around the closet and across the bed. I love to go up there in the middle of the night. And talk to the moonbeams. Photo by Wendy Ploger.

And here is Z-girl with Miss Andrea, the designer of our whole catification installation! She's so nice. Photo by Wendy Ploger.

It's Caturday so I'm busy taking naps in the sunshine. We hope wherever you may be that you are enjoying your day, too!

This is Manhattan, out!


  1. OMC! How cool is that?!? You guys are so lucky.

  2. WOW! Your place is totally catified! It's like kitty cat paradise. :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with all of us!

  3. Incredible job! This gives me some ideas ...

  4. Wow, this is wonderful! I just visited a cat cafe this past weekend and got all sorts of ideas. Now I have even more!

  5. That is totally cool. Mom L would like to catify our place but we don't own, just rent. Sigh


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