Friday, September 15, 2017

A long hiatus, and now a journey...

Hi everyone, it's Valentina.

Goodness gracious, how long does a cat have to wait to post to her blog? Can it really be that seasons have come and gone and we've been silent?

This is me, demanding time on the computer for blogging.

We really hope our furiends are doing well, and want to remind you that we are active on our Instagram account. Z-girl is pretty good about putting photos of us there, so if you miss us please follow @squeedunkcats

Here are some highlights about life in the Warehouse apartment.

Z-girl finally finished the decor by sectioning off our litter box area and giving us privacy. She also purchased a big armoire to house more of her stuff. Coco loves to nap inside. This means the front of the apartment is now a dressing room and sitting area, with a private kitty litter box haven. We'll post some photos of that transformation soon. Really, we will.

Manhattan had a health scare in the summer--she had a gland burst open. (Pardon the word, but it was an anal gland--yikes!). Because M is so smart she alerted Z-girl who whisked her to the emergency vet, where they performed a quick surgery to clean it out and repair the rupture. Manhattan went to our regular vet a month later for a check-up and dental procedure. She lost one tooth; the rest looked healthy, so they were polished and she was given a clean bill of health. Z-girl just has to pay more attention to gland maintenance!

Manhattan gazing at the morning lights, July 2017

Bessie and Lulu are doing just fine. They are constantly monitoring the activities outside our window (ongoing, annoying construction), and have grown to be great teachers for the various foster cats we've had in and out of the apartment over the past two years.
Bessie is guarding her banana. Lulu gets annoyed when Z-girl takes photos.

And in June, Z-girl tried to re-home Mimi, our foster girl who is now known as the Foster Failure.

Mimi is 9 years old, and while she loves the warehouse apartment, she doesn't enjoy other kitties. She gets along with some of us, but truly prefers to be left alone (she craves human companionship, not feline...). Z-girl thought it was worth a try, and so PAD PAWS found a *wonderful* option for her: with a male cat who is 15 years old, who had recently lost his long-time pal. The couple who adopted Mimi really worked to help her acclimate, giving her all the time and proper space to integrate. After a few weeks it was clear that Mimi was not blending in, and not a good companion to the existing housecat. So the decision was made for Z-girl to pick her up and bring her home.

Should there be a situation where an adopter could provide Mimi with the human love and safety she deserves, with no other pets, Z-girl would re-home her. Mimi forgave Z-girl after about a week and has resumed her sleeping spot on the bed with Bessie and Lulu during the night hours. The story ends well for the 15 year old cat seeking a friend: another kitty in need was adopted, and has adjusted well! We are super happy for everyone. 

Coco. What can I tell you about Coco. She's the Queen here, you know. She liked me when I first arrived, but everyone else has had to endure a hazing period. 

That's me washing Coco's ears when I was a baby. We used to snuggle, but not anymore. 

She won't admit this, but I'm going to let you in on a secret: Coco has not been as difficult on our fosters as she was with Manhattan, Bessie and Lulu when they first arrived. SHHHH.....

And yes, we do have *another* foster in the apartment right now. Her name is Picasso. Z-girl and the PAD PAWS team of Denise and Natalie were putting food down in a location by a bank. For a long time they joked that they were just feeding seagulls. Even Z-girl wanted to stop the routine, but Natalie had this feeling that there was a cat on the premises. One day, Picasso showed herself to Z-girl, who had the weeknight routine of feeding on her way home from work. Picasso was so pretty and sweet, and the team decided it was time to get her this spring. So they trapped her, and discovered her tail was injured. 

Luckily, she was rescued just in time and her tail was saved! It's a good thing too because her FAVORITE toy is her tail. She plays with it ALL THE TIME! She is still not allowing human touch, but she comes to the kitchen and asks for her food, and she comes out when there are guests in the apartment, and sleeps beside the bed. So we think it's just a matter of time before petting is permitted. 

Here is pretty Picasso. I'll admit, I get a little jealous when she is in the window where I want to sit. But I don't mind when she comes to the kitchen to ask for her food! 

She will be available for adoption through PAD PAWS soon. Z-girl thinks she is going to be an adorable addition to someone's home.

There's more to tell about PAD PAWS and kitties who are looking for homes. Another blog topic! A wonderful post was written by our friend's Lola The Rescued Cat in August about Otis, Milo and Cami who really, really need to find a furever home. If anyone can open their hearts to 3 senior, bonded cats this crew are the best! You can also follow them on Instagram  @operationtwelvetinypaws. 

This is Otis and Cami, where PAD PAWS used to feed them. This spot has now been demolished and is just one of the construction sites in Jersey City. Progress is not always positive. 

Z-girl asked me to thank everyone for their kindness. Some of you have donated to PAD PAWS causes; others have helped us by promoting our requests for fosters and contributions. Still others have responded to us on Facebook and Instagram during our hiatus, to offer support and love. 

Photo by Wendy Ploger

And now, Z-girl prepares to go on a much needed vacation. Can you guess where she is headed? Read Glogirly's blog post to find out more! 

This is Valentina, over and OUT!


  1. So wonderful to catch up with your furry family!
    Glogirly, Waffles and Katie are BEYOND excited that you're coming to visit! ...ok, so maybe that's a stretch for Katie. ; ) Travel safe and see you soon!

  2. So nice to hear from all of you. And paws up to Z-girl and you guys for taking Picasso in...until she can find her true home. Tell Z-girl to have fun with Katie and Waffles...oh and Glogirly too.

  3. Thank you for the updates. Sounds like Manhattan had a tough summer. I am the tooth fairy of the cat blogging world so if she wants the tooth fairy to send her a gift, just write to me with the mailing address at

  4. I've been thinking about you a lot! I'm so glad you posted this update. I'd say "have fun at Glogirly's" but that's a forgone conclusion!

  5. Hi! *waves paw* It's so good to see you guys back! We missed you, and Mommy is sorry she hasn't done a better job at keeping in touch with Z-girl. Something about her job being poopy. Thanks for linking back to our blog! That's so pawesome of you. Our paws are still crossed for Otis, Milo and Cami.

  6. Manhattan gazing at the morning lights is such a lovely photo.

  7. Well, hello there! Great update on all the kitties and hope you're enjoying your vacation! And we do enjoy seeing you on Instagram!

  8. We're relieved that Manhattan is doing better after that health scare. Thank you for catching us up on stuff. And we saw on FB that Z-Girl had fun with Glogirly, Katie and Waffles. :)

    Thank you for your thoughtful condolences and purrs about our sweet baby Zoe's passing. We are so grateful for you, dear friends.


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