Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Selfie with Lulu and the Window Sill

Hi, it's Lulu.

One of my favorite spots in the warehouse apartment is on the window sill.

Today it's a bit dreary and a little rainy which means I can watch the rain fall on the roof of the building across the street. It's a comforting sight, especially because I'm inside where I can stay dry.

Meanwhile, Z-Girl is busily pulling out her Halloween decorations and setting up for a party this weekend. This means that I'll hide under the bed or in the closet and it also means I won't be alone. We don't all get along but when there is a group of people visiting we ban together and share the hideaway spaces. Don't tell anyone but I'm going to try to hide in the pillows because it is nice and comfy, what with the silk and the velvet:

We hope our furiends are having a nice Sunday. I see the vacuum cleaner--geesh! Z-Girl and her cleaning.

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Lulu, out.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Easy Sunday with Foster Failure Mimi

They call me Mimi.

I'm also something known as a foster failure, which sounds like a bad thing but for me it's been a pretty good deal.

I've been in the Warehouse apartment for almost two years. And boy do I have the scoop on *everything* here. I'll share more about all I've learned some other time.

Here I am in one of my favorite spots, sleeping on Z-Girls bed and snuggled with one of her shirts (Go Ravens!)

For today, I wanted to post my selfie and ask all of our furiends to have an Easy Sunday.

We at Squeedunk also want to pause for some of our furiends in the blogosphere who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge: Phoebe of 15 and Meowing, and Zuzu of Colehaus Cats both departed for their journeys this week and we are so very sad. We are still mourning the loss of Zoe from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and missed the opportunity to join the Blog Hop in her honor last week.

Fly free sweet kitties, and may their human families adjust to loving their soul and spirit without their physical presence in their homes. We know the sadness is unspeakable.

So friends, snuggle with someone you love. Find joy in a moonbeam or a soft meow.
This is Mimi, over and out.

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