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To date, PAD Paws has rescued and rehomed somewhere around 100 cats and kittens, and aided in the rescue of many more. For a small group with no single facility to house these beautiful creatures, that's not a bad record! PAD stands for Powerhouse Arts District, which is the neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ we call home.

In early 2015, we incorporated as a 501(c)3! If you'd like to make a donation, please go to:
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Current foster and rehoming projects


Pulled from the kill list of the Manhattan Animal Care and Control, Mimi was considered a senior cat. She is 8 years old, healthy, spayed and super playful. She's been living with the Squeedunk gang and co-exists well with everyone. She likes to climb, chase laser dots, play with any toy given to her, and snuggle. Mimi is not fond of being picked up but she does love attention and will curl up and watch TV, keep you company while you are on the computer or reading. She is chatty but not at all loud. She would do best in a household with one or possibly two other cats, but it's not known how she responds to dogs or to children. If you want a loyal companion, Mimi is your girl!

Otis, Milo and Cami
(The Lot Trio)
These three pals have been together for an unknown number of years as a stable colony in the PAD. We rescued them off the streets in early 2016 due to the increased construction in the neighborhood, with their plot of land next on the docket to be leveled for the raising of yet another unnecessary apartment/condo complex. 
Our goal is to keep these three together because they are bonded. Age estimated at approximately 9-10 years old. They are fixed and healthy. PAD Paws is in search of the best situation where they can live inside in safety and have the loving care of a human who can continue to work with them to gain trust. They've made tremendous progress since their rescue and we know with a steady routine they will not only be happy but give happiness. 

Some of our past rescue and rehome success stories include (but are not limited to):

Anjelica, Adrien, Axl (not pictured) and Audrey were rescued and in foster care when their mama had a third (yes, third...) litter in August. The wonderful end to this story is every kitten was rescued, socialized and rehomed!  In September 2015, after over a year of failed attempts we were able to rescue mama Stella, too! 
Stella is adjusting well to her life off of the streets. There is a potential adopter for her and we couldn't be happier!

Stella's last litter (before her spay surgery), all adopted and living happy lives with their furever families! Seen here at the September 2015 Jersey City All About Downtown Street Fair, where we had the Northshore Animal League's mobile unit to show our kitties along with several other non-profit rescue groups in our area!

Stella was able to spend time with the kittens before everyone left the nest. We believe this has helped her tremendously, as she watched all of her kittens disappear (as they were rescued). With this last batch of fuzzballs, she was able to groom them, feed them, sleep with them and naturally let them go. A beautiful end to a plot full of late night trapping adventures, increased danger with construction equipment, higher volume traffic on the street they inhabited. Add unpredictable weather conditions and it was a constant source of concern. 

Pumpkin was rescued in Jersey City along with her mama and siblings. Everyone went their separate ways. Four years later, her family adopted a baby who was allergic to her beautiful fur. PAD Paws helped her find a new home that reunited her with her mama, who had been alone in a local shop. They are living happily ever after! Hooray!

Sam and Stanley, rescued in the PAD in late 2014 found homes in early 2015!

Jane and Hazel, Summer 2014

Three brothers, Larry, Mo

and Curly found their furrever home in 2013. Thanks to DR who couldn't be happier with these three additions to his family!

 Rosanna, Dorian and Zephyr (siblings), Summer 2010

                                                                               Maddie, Fall 2012
                                          Camille, Winter 2011

Domino and Prince, Fall 2011

                                          Doozen, Summer 2010

                                                                                            Aristotle, Summer 2011

If you or someone you know are interested in adopting, please email: All potential adopters will be asked to complete an application and must agree to a home visitation.

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